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  • The Affordances of Virtual Classrooms.
    The idea of affordances has been used in the last few decades to capture the idea that the environment allows us to do certain things. […]
  • Some Things No Longer Tenable in Education
    As we return to “normal,” teachers will be building classrooms in which teaching and learning happens in both physical places and online spaces.  Until now, most educators have perceived clear boundaries […]
  • Multidimensionality of Learning
    The multidimensional nature of human learning can be interpreted differently. In the previous section, I reviewed the multidimensional nature of what humans know. Harris and […]
  • On Problems as Teaching Strategy
    Merrill (2002) placed real-word problems at the center of effective teaching. The problems, however, must be judged “interesting, relevant, and engaging” (p. 46) to the […]
  • Learning… Always Defining Learning
    My definition is grounded in three assumptions about learning. First, learning can be inert. Whithead North, introduced this term in to describe the knowledge that can be expressed […]