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  • Understand Your IT Users
    One of the challenges for designing information technology for school populations is the broad range of skills that users bring to the device. When we build IT for business users, we can usually assume their skills fall within a narrow range. Consider the range of literacy and numeracy skills as well as the physical characteristics Read More
  • The Concept of School
    Stop reading this sentence and picture a school; in your mind enter a classroom where class in underway and look around. See the teachers in the room, see the students, imagine what they are doing. If you didn’t play along with the preceding sentence, recall a movie or television program you watched in which a Read More
  • On Social Learning
    I had a discussion with some colleagues recently about active and social learning. We seem to have come to agreement on this elevator pitch: We know human brains are adapted to social learning. Just what we mean by social learning is open to interpretation and not every lesson is amenable to it. In situations where:  Read More
  • Comparing IT and Education
    When framing a problem, we define what we believe its cause to be along with the conditions that will indicate the problem has been solved. When attempting to solve problems, we take actions to reduce its effects and to prevent it from returning. When working with IT in schools, it becomes obvious there are differences Read More
  • Elevator Pitch on the Effects of Technology on Humans
    Technology is a force that exerts strong influences on society and culture. For those living within a culture its effects are so familiar they are barely perceived and thought to be a natural part of every culture or society.   What we expect of people (our peers, our leaders, our children, etc.) and out institutions (schools Read More
  • Thinking about IT Professionals and Technology in Schools
    This is part of the introduction to my book Technology in Schools: It’s Not Like This in Business which was recently released under CC-BG-NC-SA. “The technology systems installed in schools support all many educational and operational functions.. These are seriously complex systems. In the vocabulary of IT professionals, they are enterprise systems (or perhaps business Read More