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  • What Tomassello Wrote About Humans
    There can be little question that characteristics of our brains differentiate humans from other creatures. Increasingly, cognitive scientists recognize our brains are designed for the […]
  • Learning Isn’t Just Information #1
    The schools I attended (and that my children attended and that I still see) appear to be grounded int he assumption that learning is about […]
  • Schools are Unusual Organizations
    Schools are unusual organizations. They are political. Especially in those areas where schools are funded by the public, bureaucrats and the governments that direct them […]
  • IT Users in Business Versus IT Users in Education
    Business and Industry Educational Organizations Competent users(generally adults have the general aptitude and literacy skills necessary for their jobs) Users with emerging competence(especially in primary […]
  • On Teachers’ Technical Knowledge
    I’ve been thinking about Mishra and Kohler’s (2009) TPACK, the framework for understanding teaching in the digital world. Over time, the tools that provide educational […]