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  • On Reducing Bias in Online Teaching
    I found this short answer to the question, “How can we reduce bias in online teaching?” which I composed a couple of years ago. I’m […]
  • Assumptions Educators Make
    Education is about changing humans. When our students leave, we hope they can do things, see things, and think things they could not before the […]
  • Latent Learning
    I’ve read an interesting article recently that challenges what appears to be to orthodox view that performance on tests and other assessments is predictive of […]
  • Performance and Learning
    Recent decades have found educators sharply focusing on performance. This arises from the dominance of standards to guide curriculum. At all levels of education, we […]
  • Technology Literacy
    Technology literacy has been on my mind. My definition is inexact, but I can recognize it in people. You might be able to judge your […]