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  • Some Reality on Curriculum
    One of the most surprising realizations for adults who begin working in schools is that what is taught is not what they were taught or what they think should be taught. Curriculum is a part of school that is affected by many factors; some are very local (individual teachers are ultimately responsible for what it Read More
  • Elevators Pitch on IT Users’ Perceptions
    While it is true that it is users’ perceptions of the factors related technology acceptance, their perceptions can sometimes be wildly inaccurate. Teachers are also a group of users who can be very quick to label systems as “broken” and to reject any attempts at support they perceived to be taking too long as interfering Read More
  • A Challenge for Rural #edtech Leaders
    The arrival of desktop computers reversed the trend to marginalize electronic technologies and information in classrooms; digital tools and digital media have become important tools for all students, and comprehensive education is understood to provide students experience using these tools. Early in the history of desktop computers in K-12 schools, the Apple Classrooms of Tomorrow Read More
  • Elevator Pitch on School Tech Planning
    As they collaborate to make decisions about what technology to install and how to manage it, school and technology leaders must share understanding of three ideas. First, the systems must be sufficiently secure to remain functional and reliable, but open enough to allow for the functions educators deem necessary. Second, to accomplish secure yet flexible Read More
  • Online and Face-to-Face Students
    While individuals in each group do select their preferred classroom for recognized reasons (e.g. online learners’ preference for flexible attendance schedules), the best students in both settings are those who engage with the content, classmates, and the teacher. Learners who react to new and challenging ideas with reasons (excuses) why the ideas have no connection Read More
  • What it Means to Learn
    Since I was a teenager, I’ve been interested in teaching and learning. My adult life has been spent as an educator in many roles and in several types of institutions. I’ve taught, led, researched, read and studied, written… and learned.   One unquestionable conclusion about learning (in my opinion) is that we use one single term Read More