Ideas About Education that Deserve Our Attention #2

Mark Deuze (2006), a scholar from Indiana University, Bloomington, identified participation, remediation, and bricolage as skills needed for the 21st century media landscape. Social networking sites and media sharing sites are examples of technologies that encourage this participation. The Internet provides access to vast information from sources of dubious reliability; this necessitates individuals take a more active role evaluating information than was necessary when most print-based information had been professionally reviewed and edited. Bricolage is a term that refers to one’s openness to exploring new technologies and tools, discovering both how a new tool can be used to perform familiar tasks and to discovering how a tool can be used to perform tasks not previously known. Being a bricoleur requires one to approach a new technology with openness to new connections and without feeling compelled to follow prescribed patterns of use.


Deuze, Mark. 2006. “Participation, Remediation, Bricolage: Considering Principal Components of a Digital Culture.” The Information Society 22(2): 63-75. doi:10.1080 /01972240600567170.