Which #edtech Tools Get Used?

Computers for Schools Uganda (5349156518)Because new information technologies (including hardware, software, and new uses of both) emerge very quickly compared to the periodicity of schools (new technologies appear several times during a typical school year), teachers must adopt and adapt to them constantly. When deciding which technologies to use, teachers are more likely to use technologies that:

  • Are easier to use than existing technologies;
  • Are more effective than existing technologies;
  • Make existing technologies obsolete;
  • Complement existing technologies.

While it may appear easy to select technology that meets these characteristics, those decisions are complicated by the diversity of the devices that emerge as well as the effects the technologies have on students and teachers and culture. In this chapter, a framework with which educators can understand the role of new technologies in their work is described. In addition, strategies for supporting educators understanding of technologies in their classrooms are described.

Image credit:
IICD from The Hague, The Netherlands [CC BY 2.0]