Your Organizational Culture is Real

I decided my “first choice” college was not good fit for me within a few days of arriving on campus. I had some goals while I was there, and I got a “D” in chemistry my first semester, so I arrived back there for the spring semester so that I could improve my second semester grade in that class and transfer all of my credits (which I did).

When I told one of my coaches I was transferring, he said something like, “you know it is not just about what your classes, we have a particular way of doing things that you won’t learn at another college.” Although I did not have the vocabulary then, I understood he was talking about their organizational culture.

I have encountered many professionals who graduated from that school. I have been close colleagues with some, and a close personal friend of a few. I have seen friends and family send their children to the school I left. The culture I rejected is very obvious in their graduates.

“Organizational culture” is real. It can be observed by those who are attentive. It is nurtured and cultivated by the individuals in the organization and by the policies and procedures that are in place. It attracts some to your organization and it pushes some away… make sure you culture attracts those who will contribute in the way you need.