Revisiting Deeper Learning

Reviewing some notes, I found the definition of deeper learning from Buder and Hesse (2016) which comprises five characteristics: 

  • Emphasizes complex problem solving which requires learners to apply what they have learned in unfamiliar situations; 
  • Declarative knowledge is not presented and learned as isolated facts, but connected by themes and concepts;  
  • Students develop the ability for critical thinking which includes the ability to evaluate and judge the quality of information and solutions; 
  • Learners learn how to learn which includes their own capacity to identify gaps in their knowledge and resolve those gaps; 
  • Individuals become more skilled at collaboration. 

We read such definitions, and they are given much lip service by leaders, but hey still seem quite uncommon in schools.


Buder, J., & Hesse, F. W. (2016). Designing digital technologies for deeper learning. Learning, design, and technology: An international compendium of theory, research, practice, and policy. New York, NY: Springer.