What Papert Said About Technology in Schools

I found this when cleaning up files… in the thesis for my master of arts degree. He wrote it in 1980. I wrote my thesis in 2000. It still appears to be an accurate assessment of our situation.

Twenty years ago, Papert perceived education to be on the verge of a technologydriven revolution that sounds remarkably modern: “We are at a point in the history of education when radical change is possible, and the possibility for change is directly tied to the impact of the computer” (pp. 36-37, Papert, 1980). In these learning environments, computers would be the medium or culture within which students would think about their world and communicate their understandings of the world. Papert predicted that radical change would occur as educators realized the new meta-cognitive learning environments arising in technology-rich environments. The radical change he anticipated never happened, but today some educators are optimistic that it may occur.


Papert, S. (1980). Mindstorms: Children, Computers, and Powerful Ideas. Basic Books.