Warm Closure of IT Repairs

This post continues the theme developed in Cold Closure in #edtech Repairs and Another Take on Cold Closure in #edtech Repairs

In the return to in-person teaching, we have discovered that IT systems have degraded. We can’t be surprised by this. IT professional have been overwhelmed with the “to do” list. Until systems are restored and we can have a normal stream of requests for help, we can forgive IT professionals checking items off and moving on to the next item, but as soon as we can, we must return to “warn closures.”

My term refers to have we communicate with clients before we consider their project “done.” The warmer we can make the closure (see my continuum below), the better our “customer service” and the better the relationship between IT and users. Also, the less likely we are to be less efficient as we return to “refix” something we have already fixed.