Elevators Pitch on IT Users’ Perceptions

While it is true that it is users’ perceptions of the factors related technology acceptance, their perceptions can sometimes be wildly inaccurate. Teachers are also a group of users who can be very quick to label systems as “broken” and to reject any attempts at support they perceived to be taking too long as interfering with their ability to do their jobs. 

Improving users’ perceptions of the functionality of IT systems requires school and technology leaders address several aspects of the entire IT system. First, they must improve the functionality of the devices. This includes updating and replacing older devices. Second, teachers and other users must be trained in basic troubleshooting steps that can be done without posing a risk to the system. If a user can resolve simple problems without the intervention of IT, then they can return to productive IT user more quickly. Third, there must be on-going communication and collaboration to ensure expectations are known and that malfunctioning devices are identified.