John Dewey Was Right

I found a slide from a presentation I gave about 10 years ago. It contained three quotes from John Dewey. It seems relevant today, although I am curious what John Dewey would say about the current efforts to ban books. One must wonder it that really represents a “social interest in education” or is it “interest in education for political purposes.”

“It would not be a sign of health if such an important social interest as education were not also an
arena of struggles, practical and theoretical. . .
(It is good to argue about education)

It is the business of an intelligent theory of education to ascertain the causes for the conflicts that
exist and then, instead of taking one side or the other, to indicate a plan of operations proceeding
from a level deeper and more inclusive than is represented by the practices and ideas of the
contending parties. . . .
(Arguments lead to questions and more questions)

It means the necessity of the introduction of a new order of conceptions leading to new modes of
(Questions lead to new ideas and practices)