Understanding #edtech

In order to assess the degree to which educational technology is influencing teaching and learning in any school data must be gathered from three different perspectives. It is reasoned that together these provide the most complete assessment of all five dimensions of the instructional and information (I & IT) systems installed in the school.

  • Users’ perspectives—There is a rich body of research that supports the conclusion that perceived ease of use and usefulness is associated with decisions to use technology systems. For this reason, leaders must collect information from students, teachers, and others who use the I & IT.
  • System installation and configuration—There are accepted practices regarding how to install and configure information technology systems in all organizations. By observing the systems and watching how they are used, leaders can collect information regarding the systems.
  • Expert perspectives—Experts who understand the configuration and use of I & IT in diverse settings are a valuable resource for gaining outside perspective on the operation and use of I & IT in any school.
perspective on IT