Data Sources for Understanding #edtech

If we hope to make technology an easy-to-use and useful educational technology that is also secure and reliable, school and technology leaders must gather data to understand the information and instructional technology (I&IT) in schools:

  • Users’ perspectives—There is a rich body of research that supports the conclusion that perceived ease of use and usefulness is associated with decisions to use technology systems. For this reason, the audit will collect information from students, teachers, and other who use the I&IT.
  • System installation and configuration—There are accepted practices regarding how to install and configure information technology systems in all organizations. By observing the systems and watching how they are used, the audit team will collect information regarding the systems.
  • Expert perspectives—The individuals on the audit team bring decades of experience and many years of graduate study in the field to your school. They will supplement the data they collect with semi-structured interviews with various stakeholders to gain complete understanding of how the I&IT has been configured and how it is used in your school.